• lalalindzy Love’s Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza!

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    Pizza Adventures in La La Land at Inferno’s!

    Lindsey is a food blogger, an adventure blogger, fashion, Korean and video blogger. Lindsay gets around. She knows what she likes and is not timid about sharing her experiences.

    She is a fan of Inferno’s and liked it so much she decided to make a video about it.

    She also brought two of her friends to share in the celebration. To say Lindsey knows good food is an understatement. Most local residents of Hawaii know great food. After all Hawaii is a treasure chest of kinds of great food.

    Lindsey outlines 3 simple steps when you go to Inferno’s.

    1. Add toppings
    2. Bake in an 800 Degree Oven with Kiawe wood chips
    3. Eat  =)
    Lindsey reviews the appetizer at Inferno’s: Caprese Salad. (Whole Milk Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil). She also sampled White Truffle Pizza, with fresh mozzarella, crimini mushroom, garlic and white truffle oil. She also tried the Guava Smoked Pork Pizza with mozzarella, mushrooms, Maui onions, and local Kilauea BBQ Sauce. Another favorite was the Clam Pizza with chopped clams, oregano, mushrooms and mozzarella.
    As you can see from the video, there were few leftovers when Lindsey and her crew were finished with their pizza adventure.

    Here is Lindsey’s take on Inferno’s:

    Thanks Lindsey.

    You can find Lindsey at her blog: Adventures in Lala Land

    Lindsey also has a Facebook Page, here.


    Here is a photo of Lindsey’s adventures at Inferno’s.


    Lindsey and friends at Inferno's Wood Fire Pizza, Ward Center, Honolulu.

    Lindsey and friends at Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza, Ward Center, Honolulu.