• Inferno’s is Open for Lunch

    Posted on November 11, 2012 by in Blog, videos

    Inferno’s Pizza is now open for lunch.

    We get many different types of pizza fans during the dinner hour. Some are here for a snack. Some bring their entire family. Some come on dates. Or some pizza fanatics come alone.

    All of them love our pizza.

    Here’s a big secret: yes, we are open for lunch…

    Listen to what one pizza lover said:

    …The pizza was fresh, well made and delicious. They make a really yummy and affordable pizza. I also thoroughly enjoyed the salad which was full of yummy veggies and bacon bits…

    And this fan, who has lots of experience:

    Who knew that Vice was Inferno’s during the day??!! It is located in ward, above Kaka’ako Kitchen. I came here last week and the pizza is still just as good as the ones I had from “inferno’s on wheels”!!! It could be a little expensive but you can split it with someone or split it into two meals and it won’t be so bad.

    Favorite: White Truffle pizza!!

    I’ve never had a better slice of pizza! But I’ve never been to that many places…just LA, Seattle, Boston, Tokyo, Miami, Portland, Vegas, SF, Arizona (Who the heck eats pizza in arizona??), New York, Newport, San Diego, St. Louis, Osaka…;)

    Or this review:

    Inferno’s is by far the freshest and most tasty pizza you can get in Hawaii. I haven’t missed a Tuesday for the last two months or so they’re been here! I’ve tried the clams, smoked guava pork, pepperoni – all good but the best one I keep coming back to is the mushrooms with truffle oil. This will be my go to pizza from now on. It’s a little steep for $14 but I can’t help myself.

    The garlic is just right and I’m a sucker for truffle oil. Their mushrooms are so fresh and earthy. …Eat half the pizza for lunch and save the second half for dinner… The portions are generous and the wait isn’t that long. You have to pay “time” for the freshness you get! They make it as you order.

    Cheese Pizza at Inferno's

    Cheese Pizza at Inferno’s