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  1. glenn says:

    I tasted your pizza at the street grindz last Friday (04-30). Your pizza rocks and is money!!!! I had your margarita pizza, which my wife took a bit of. She enjoyed and later got a slice of it. My son also got a slice of the pepperoni & added a small shot of your hell fire sauce; his mouth was on fire! He was about to drink some water- I stopped from doing it. I got a ice cream sundae to cool him down.

    Your hell fire sauce is the best for spiking your pizza. I’ll buy your pizza again- rain or shine. 😀

  2. John says:

    You guys are awesome! Always check you out at Sat. Kaiser’s Farmers Market

  3. Roy says:

    I had your pizza on numerous occasions during my stay in Hawaii. I am returning in August and I will be eating your pizza the first day back. It is the best pizza ever!!!!!!

  4. Pizza Lover says:

    VERY DISSAPOINTING. Unfortunately, we didn’t stay long enough to taste the pizza. Service (or lack thereof) was the worst of any restaurant I’ve been to. Six of us walked in and were not greeted. After standing at the entrance for 5 minutes without being greeted, we ended up clearing a table, ourselves, and sitting down. At least two wait staff passed by the table with no acknowledgement. We stopped one wait staff who finally brought us a menu and ran away. After 15 minutes of no greeting and no water, we asked the family at the table next to us (waiting for their order) when they ordered their food. Their response was, “30 minutes ago.” The had two young children who were getting restless as we kept hearing them say, “I’m hungry. When’s the pizza coming?” This kind of service is unacceptable and I am certain their pizza is not that great to warrant this kind of treatment to customers. Still contemplating doing the owner a favor and calling Willie Degel of Restaurant Stakeout.

  5. Lena Fritzler says:

    ! You’re closed on Mondays! Our office wanted to go to lunch.

  6. John says:

    Saw in the paper that Inferno’s is closing for good at the end of September. Figured I’d give them some aloha oi business using a newspaper coupon. Was met with a whole bunch of after-the-fact restrictions the moment I entered the door. End result? Their till is ~$100 lighter (my order + the party of 4 I shared my experience with on the way out, who then thought better about eating there). zPizza got their business instead.

    Crap like that is probably why they can’t afford the rent at Ward. Not to mention there was only one table occupied at Saturday lunchtime. Good riddance!

  7. Momi Young says:

    Imagine our surprise when we decided to celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary by taking another family with us for a fun delicious Sunday dinner only to discover that they are not even open!! I was in a bad mood all night after we were forced to choose another place to eat. I had been looking forward to eating INFERNO’S pizza all week after hearing about it from a client. It says to call that number, we did, and have now called 15xs, only to get voice mail right away.

    I am not sure why the site wouldn’t say CLOSED on it for Sunday but I am hoping you folks will have the “Aloha Heart” to want to make it up to me for standing outside with 2 HUNGRY KIDS, walking around looking for a sign as to why we can’t get in to enjoy your pizza!!!

    Malama Pono, Momi

  8. Tatiana says:

    If you change your hours, you should update your website. Some people actually make a special trip to eat your pizza. It’s not fair to them if you don’t.I did and was very disapointed yesterday (11/11) to arrive at 6:30 p.m. and find the place closed!